About us

Wholesome Works launched in 2016, catering to the rise in demand for specific dietary requirements in the corporate catering sector.

We found that team members were forced to skip the meal at a work function because their specific dietary requirements had not been catered for. Wishing to create a corporate catering solution that could be inclusive, not exclusive, is the founding principle underpinning our strategy.

We cater to all, not just some. Making sure that the whole team can enjoy the food at corporate functions.

All our food options use healthy, fresh ingredients and our catering options are as versatile as they are delicious which makes us the leader in custom corporate catering solutions in the greater Sydney area.

Using our own, established delivery network, we are a proven and reliable service provider which means you have one less thing to stress about when planning your next function. We cater to the individuals in a team and as such, our gorgeous individual catering options look good and taste great.