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Chia Puddings (GF)(DF)(Vegan) - Wholesome Works

Chia Puddings (GF)(DF)(Vegan)

Chia Seed Puddings in 200g Tubs 4 great flavours to choose from - Berry, Lamington, Apple Cinnamon or Espresso Disposable...

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Dairy Free Wraps (Gluten Free) - Wholesome Works

Dairy Free Wraps (Gluten Free)

Large Wrap filled with Dairy Free Meat & Salad or Vegetarian Fillings served cut in half. disposable plate & serviette...

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Flecks Trail Mix (Gluten Free) - Wholesome Works

Flecks Trail Mix (Gluten Free)

Trail Mix with Real Veg Bits and Seeds Gluten Free, Vegan & Preservative Free.  

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Fruit Tub  (Vegan) (Gluten Free) (Dairy Free) - Wholesome Works

Fruit Tub (Vegan) (Gluten Free) (Dairy Free)

Fresh chunks of seasonal fruit in a 300ml tub  Disposable fork & serviette included per serve.

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Gluten Free Mud Cake Bites (Dairy Free) - Wholesome Works

Gluten Free Mud Cake Bites (Dairy Free)

4 Bite sized pieces of delicious Chocolate Mud Cake, Gluten Free and Dairy Free

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Vegan Breakfast Roll (Gluten Free) - Wholesome Works

Vegan Breakfast Roll (Gluten Free)

Hot Gluten Free Bread Roll filled with sauteed Spinach and Mushrooms

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“We source the freshest seasonal produce for all of our meals”

Vegan Chocolate Brownie (GF)(DF) - Wholesome Works

Vegan Chocolate Brownie (GF)(DF)

Ticks all the right boxes including taste! disposable plate & serviette included per brownie

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Vegan Hot Lunch Bundle - Wholesome Works

Vegan Hot Lunch Bundle

Includes Hot Falafels with Spicy Tomato Sauce & Cous Cous 350ml Tub Small Vegan Salad Bread Roll & Canola Spread Large...

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Vegan Hot Pot (Dairy Free) 350ml - Wholesome Works

Vegan Hot Pot (Dairy Free) 350ml

Falafel Balls in a spicy tomato sauce served with cous cous in a 350ml tub disposable fork & serviette included....

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Vegan Pumpkin Freekah Tahini - Wholesome Works

Vegan Pumpkin Freekah Tahini

A delicious Winter Hot Pot - Sweet roasted pumpkin tossed with wholesome freekah, tender roast capsicum, cranberries, kale leaves and...

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Vegan Sweet Treats (Gluten Free) - Wholesome Works

Vegan Sweet Treats (Gluten Free)

Vegans can have fun too.  Sweet treats include Maple Popcorn, Turkish Delight and Choc Bites in 200ml tubs All Vegan and all...

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Vegetarian Executive Lunch Box - Wholesome Works

Vegetarian Executive Lunch Box

The Vegetarian Executive Lunch Box Includes 2 open mini bagels 2 mini wraps 2 rice paper rolls fruit tub

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Vietnamese Rice Noodle Salad Meal Size - Wholesome Works

Vietnamese Rice Noodle Salad Meal Size

Choose from Vegan Chicken Beef

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Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls (Gluten Free) (Dairy Free) - Wholesome Works

Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls (Gluten Free) (Dairy Free)

2 Rolls per serve  Choose from Chicken or Vegetarian

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Wholesome Afternoon Snack Combo - Gluten Free & Dairy Free - Wholesome Works

Wholesome Afternoon Snack Combo - Gluten Free & Dairy Free

Per Combo Includes: Choc Brownie (GF) (GF) Seasonal Fruit Tub 300 ml 350ml Emma & Toms Juice- assorted flavours serviette...

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Wholesome Bliss Balls

Wholesome Bliss Balls

Gluten Free Wholesome Bliss Balls Assorted flavours include Coconut Lemon, Jaffa and Espresso

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Wholesome Buddha Bowl (GF) - Wholesome Works

Wholesome Buddha Bowl (GF)

The Wholesome Buddha Bowl is a flavoursome, colourful assortment of vegetables, quinoa and tahini. A super healthy and balanced lunch...

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