What Makes a Workplace Healthy

Written By
Justin Bunt

“The World Health Organization defines a healthy workplace as one where employees and managers collaborate to protect the safety, health, and well-being of all employees in the workplace through: Promoting health and safety in the physical work environment. Promoting well-being in the psychosocial work environment. Nov 13, 2014 “

Wholesome Works launched in 2016, catering to the rise in demand for specific dietary requirements in the corporate catering sector.

Wholesome Works is committed to ensuring customers have menu options available to cater for everyone in the workplace no matter how big or small their company size.

We found that team members were missing out on a meal at a work function because their specific dietary requirements were not being catered for and not saying anything to avoid making a fuss. Wishing to create a corporate catering solution that could be inclusive, not exclusive is the founding principle underpinning our strategy.

Why Your Company Needs a Wellness Programme

A recent U.S. study showed participants in workplace health promotion programs had about 25% lower medical and absenteeism expenditures than non-participants

If you are thinking about starting a Corporate Wellness Programme you would benefit from checking out The Workplace Wellness That Works Report from The Transamerica Centre For Health Studies.


Healthy eating at work is a critical component of any workplace wellness initiative - and it all starts with the example set by the catering you order.

Wholesome Works offers a comprehensive range of healthy and special diet options  to help your company implement a wellness programme.

Check out the Healthy Menus now.