The Science Behind Food Choice At Work

Written By
Justin Bunt

So you think food is just for your tummy? Think again. Especially when you're in the office, where concentration, focus and productivity is a must, you're really feeding your all-important brain during those snack and lunch breaks.

Luckily, there are plenty of things you can do to stop those yawns an hour into your work day, feel fresh rather than drained at home time, and get more done in less time that will leave not just you, but your boss super-happy. Here are just three.

1. Avoid junk & coffee

You might have a sweet tooth or perhaps that vending machine is only packed full of sugar, but it will only give you a quick high followed by a sleepy crash. You're much better off packing some fruit or even some soup for a nutritious and delicious snack that will leave you sharp and alert rather than sluggish and unfocused.

The same goes for too much coffee: you might think a triple espresso will perk you up, but your productivity will also spike in the opposite direction. A better alternative is a green tea, or just stick with water because staying hydrated keeps those energetic nutrients flowing in your blood.

2. Eat breakfast

Even if you're one of those people who never wakes up hungry, that old cliche really is true - breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Deep sleep puts your body in its energy-saving and repairing state, and eating shifts it into the mood for a productive day.

What you eat at breakfast is also important, and even if you're pressed for time or you're not starving, a glass of juice, a piece of fruit or a protein shake are much better than nothing to give you energy that will be deployed productively throughout the entire day.

3. Eat small, eat frequently

Another bad habit that will hurt your productivity at work is not eating often enough. As far as your schedule goes, it's easier to make room for a single sitting and large lunch, but it's not best for your focus on the job. That's because brain activity requires high and constant blood glucose levels - so eating once and eating big means your glucose will dip and then spike.

So eating a small lunch, interspersed by regular, healthy snacks, is much better for your productivity. At Wholesome Works, we know all about how healthy, fresh and versatile food and eating habits at work is great for your productivity.

But there are many more than just three ways to sharpen your focus in the office.

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