The Power Of Sharing a Meal

Written By
Justin Bunt


  As a business owner, taking care of your staff can mean so much more than financial remuneration. Individuals have complex needs and wants from their workplace. Making sure you’re getting the most out of the people you work with and who work for you can be complex. Or, it can be simple.

When asking your employees to go above and beyond, to contribute their time, energy and brainpower to helping improve your business; when trying to get the most out of your next boardroom meeting, business event, after-hours work function or breakfast meeting, providing healthy and wholesome food options that are suitable for the whole team can be the little thing that give your employees the impetus to give you that little bit extra.

Wholesome Works was started to give you and your whole team a fresh, healthy and wholesome meal that brings together the whole team. Everyone is catered for, whether it’s paleo, gluten free, vegan, vegetarian and everything in between. Say goodbye to stuffy and uninspired catering for your next work function.

We work with leaders of industry, businesses big and small who recognise that great teams deserve great, wholesome food. Read about the reasons more and more businesses are turning to wholesome works to cater their next function.

It’s Inclusive

Our catering options are accessible to everyone in the team, not just some. We understand that the demand for diversity in workplace catering and can provide individually packaged meals that make sure the whole team enjoy their next meal with you.

From vegetarian to paleo and everything in between, your team will love the day that you took the steps towards making sure no one in the team feels left out or looked over.

It’s powerful

When meeting with staff and colleagues, you want them giving their best; firing on all cylinders and rearing to go. To get that brainpower boost from your team, giving them healthy and nutritious meals can make all the difference.

Our meals aren’t heavy, dense or saturated in fats which mean your team can digest happily, feeling full and energised to give their best brainpower to your important meeting.

Nothing says brainpower like a delicious, healthy, nutritious meal that is designed to feed your body as well as your brain for your upcoming work event.

It’s all about your team

Delicious, healthy food can make your team feel valued and valuable, giving them the feeling of reward for doing a great job and showing appreciation and investment in their continued efforts and success.

Not all rewards are financially motivated in the workplace and if you show your team you love them, you might be amazed to see how much they love you back.

If you’re looking to have your next function catered in a wholesome way, get in touch with us, because we make wholesome work.

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