Keep The Office Healthy In Winter

Written By
Justin Bunt

We are all familiar with the Winter sniffles and coughs that spread through a workplace and can cause:

  • Reduced productivity - from absenteeism
  • Reduced productivity - from the "soldier on" types that think they are heroes but actually infect the rest of the office. And even when they are present they aren't really running at normal speed.
  • Disruption - meetings cancelled - as corporate caterers we have seen whole training days cancelled because a presenter has the flu.
  • Unprofessional - if you are client facing and coughing/sniffling it just doesn't look good.

The best way to improve immunity is with diet - and these great examples will help you keep your office healthy. Wholesome Works will be using these foods in our catering eg. The Healthy Heart Lunchbox - so get your team focused by ordering them with your next order.

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Foods to Boost Winter Immunity

  1. Citrus - it's in season and full of vitamin C - which has proven to at least reduce the effects of winter colds - use lemons in dressings, oranges/grapefruits in salads.
  2. Nuts - Vitamin E is the key to nuts immunity goodness - keep them unsalted and limit intake to around 30g a day - perfect in a salad. They also have protein and healthy fats to keep the body in balance.
  3. Greek Yoghurt - get that good bacteria into your gut - which is where most of our bodies immunity defence is happening. There's also Vitamin B, calcium and folate in yoghurt all of which help in the immunity battle.
  4. Omega 3 Fish - salmon, tuna and sardine have immunity essential omega 3 fatty acids and vitamins B,B12,A and D. Even the bones in sardines are helpful with loads of calcium. You should be eating 2-3 serves a week of these oily fish but tip..don't buy the "in oil" versions - the healthy oil is in the fish itself.
  5. This may be a surprise - but lean meat can really help with immunity due to the iron and zinc content. Zinc helps activate T Cells which fight infections in the blood. We suggest unprocessed chicken and turkey on sambos and salads. To obtain zinc vegetarians need to replace meat with...
  6. Seeds and legumes - add these to salads to get those T Cells pumping. Try the Wholesome Puy Lentil Salad
  7. Rolled Oats - apart from just feeling right for winter (hello porridge) oats also contain the soluble fibre Beta 
  8. Soup - helps with hydration (see point 9) and is a great way to boost a broad range of vegetable based nutrients. Add chicken or legumes for zinc and a touch of garlic for the wonder anti-oxidant allicin and you will be almost unbreakable.
  9. H2O - water is obviously critical but it is extra important around flu season. Hydration helps your kidneys flush toxins, produce extra lymph fluid - which helps collect bacteria and increases melatonin production which helps your brain relax. Less stress = less illness. Drink it straight, with a squeeze of citrus or as Green Tea for the anti-oxidant effect.

One additional piece of eating for immunity advice - choose seasonal. The fruit and veg that grow naturally in Winter will pack the most nutrient value.

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