Is Your Company Wellness Plan Unwell?

Written By
Justin Bunt

Corporate Wellness Plans....many of us have been part of the development of these.

Research suggests that 47% of Australian companies have a wellness initiative of some sort. The good news is that the average return on $1 invested is between $2 and $5 - with most of this coming from reduced absenteeism and increasing worker productivity. This is according to an ABC report .

The keys to a workplace wellness program that pays dividend are

  • The Welllness Plan had measured and specific outcomes
  • Addresses individual risk factors as well as organisational barriers to improved health (eg. telling your employees to improve their diet then ordering pies and sausage rolls for your meeting catering).
  • Has intensive staff consultation

Here at Wholesome Works we have a really simple solution for making your Wellness Plan well again. Start by setting a positive example - why not order some healthy (yet still super tasty) catering for your next meeting.

Try some Buddha Bowls - you will be surprised how appreciative the majority of your team are - and even grumpy Russell in I.T. will begrudgingly admit it was tastier than he expected.