How to Talk About Health and Fitness at Work

Written By
Justin Bunt

Recent studies suggest that the long hours, stress and sedentary nature of office jobs are responsible for poor health and decreased levels of fitness. Most office jobs involve working to tight deadlines in restrictive spaces with repetitive routines and limited physical activity.

To make matters worse, many office workers resort to consuming unhealthy food and drinks to get them through the everyday grind. These include too much sugar, too much caffeine and not enough water and fresh produce. If you are concerned that your office culture is unhealthy, here are a few ways you can talk about health and fitness at work.

Talk to a superior

Odds are if you feel your office lifestyle is taking its toll on your health, others will feel the same. If you have a close rapport with your manager, supervisor or boss, politely suggest that office productivity may be improved if the office lifestyle becomes healthier. Alternatively, if there is suggestion box or productivity meeting at work, use these opportunities to voice your ideas. Suggest that fresh cool drinking water is made available in several locations throughout the office. Ask if you can print out and circulate flyers throughout the office informing people how to perform eye, head and body exercises throughout the work day.

Suggest healthy breakfasts and lunch are served at meetings or professional development sessions. Catering services such as Wholesome Works provide fresh and healthy meals to support office wellbeing and productivity while supporting a range of dietary needs.

Talk to your colleagues

Chat to your office friends about health and fitness topics. Discuss your favourite exercises and ways of keeping fit. Who knows, you may find a group of like-minded colleagues who are interested in playing competitive sport before or after work. Make office health and fitness goals with your colleagues to keep you all motivated. Issue pedometers to everyone in the office and set a target number of steps each week or month. Challenge everyone in the office to drink at least 8 cups of water a day or eat healthy at least 3 times a week. Perhaps you could offer prizes to those in the office that are the most dedicated. If you enjoy getting fit with your colleagues, you could even enter as a group in a fun run or obstacle course and make a habit of training together.

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