Easy and Nutritious Office Lunches

Written By
Justin Bunt

These days the office team lunch is not so simple. In a world full of food allergies and health crazes, you can no longer just order ham and cheese sandwiches and hope for the best. So, what to order for the team meeting? Introducing the personalised lunch box. Here are Wholesome Work’s top picks.

For the Vegetarian: The Executive Lunch Box

The Executive lunch box is great for the vegetarian who means business. The pack includes two open mini bagels, two mini wraps and two rice paper rolls plus a fruit tub. More than enough for the hungry exec. To make sure no one at the table is short-changed, this lunch box also comes with a meat option - everyone at the boardroom feels empowered.

For the Coeliac or Gluten Intolerant: Gluten Free Lunch & Snack

Did you know that as many as 1 in 10 Australian adults are currently avoiding or limiting their gluten intake? That means you’re likely to have someone who prefers to be gluten free in your office. The gluten free lunch and snack attack box is the perfect fit. The box includes

2 rice paper rolls, a gluten free wrap, a side salad and a delicious Brookfarm Muesli bar. Is your coeliac a vegan too? Too easy. Try our vegan gluten free lunch and snack box. If they’re a meat eater there’s a chicken gluten free version too.

For the Cholesterol Watcher: Healthy Heart Lunch Box

Plenty of people, especially those in high-stress positions are watching their cholesterol. The healthy heart box includes ½ of a healthy tortilla wrap, 1 rice paper roll plus dipping sauce, 1 healthy grain salad and 1 fruit tub. Everything is low in salt and fat, but, it’s still incredibly tasty. If your colleague is really worried about his or her diet, consider choosing the gluten-free, dairy-free healthy heart box. There’s no cheese in the wrap!

For the Vegan: Vegan Hot Lunch Bundle

The vegan hot lunch bundle is our favourite of this bunch! It includes hot falafels with spicy tomato sauce and couscous, a small vegan salad, and a bread roll plus canola spread. The spicy sauce is piping hot, making this bundle a meal vegans will appreciate. You can even use it as a vego option, if your vegetarians are not hungry enough or in the mood for an executive lunch.

There you have it! The next office lunch is sorted. What do you think of these options and the larger trend of personalised lunch boxes? Do you think it’s a fad or here to stay? Get in touch to let us know. If you would like to order any of these options, please visit our lunch menu.  

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