Catering a Team Lunch for Vegans

Written By
Justin Bunt

There’s no denying it vegans, vegetarians, pescetarians and flexitarians are on the rise this year. The world is becoming more v-curious with people, particularly in the corporate sector, learning about meat-free, plant-based options that’ll help out the planet and their waistlines.

But, can we provide for vegans and non-vegans alike? Can it be done? You be it can! Check out our top tips for catering a team lunch to vegans.

The Main Meal

Many vegans have to make do by bringing their own pre-prepared meals to corporate functions. Surprise them with a thoughtfully planned, hot meal, packaged with protein, veggies and nutrients. Cuisines from the middle east, Mexico, Japan and India all have vegan options.   

We recommend: Our vegan hot lunch bundle which includes chickpea falafels with spicy tomato sauce, couscous, vegan salad and a bread roll, plus spread. Nothing will show your vegan work mates more that they’re a valued, thought-about team member. 

Snack Surprise

What’s a team lunch without snacks? Instead of processed chips, reach for some veggie chips or coloured rice crackers. Other vegan alternatives include, savoury muffins, fruit and nut mix, salt and vinegar chickpeas and any kind of hummus or guacamole.

We recommend: Our healthy snack tubs in 300 ml – they’re the perfect handful.

When in Doubt, Fruit it Out!

Fresh fruit is a favourite treat for everyone – not just vegans. Why not make it low allergy too? Apples, apricots, bananas, peaches and pears are fruits almost all people can eat.

We recommend: Supplying fruit in convenient boxes or tubs, so it’s easy to grab and there’s less mess. For ideas, check out our fresh, seasonal fruit tubs.

Sweet Treats 

Everyone loves a sweet treat at the end of lunch, so everyone should have one! Ideas for vegan treats include oatmeal cookies, peanut protein balls, and raw fudge!

We recommend: Our vegan sweet treats are for those with a sweet tooth that can’t be satisfied by fruit! Packaged in convenient, portion-sized boxes, our options include maple popcorn, Turkish delight and choc bites – everyone will want some!

Mains, fruits, sweets and snacks – did we miss anything? Do you think there could come a day when all team lunches are vegan? Get in touch and let us know what you think.  And check out our vegan lunch page for more delicious healthy lunch ideas.

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