6 Healthy Habits To Stay Trim In Your Desk Job

Written By
Justin Bunt

So you probably worked hard to get that office job, with statistics showing that you are among the most educated, highest paid and hardest-working of the population.

Unfortunately, there is a hefty downside to that desk-based job: weight gain. Almost half of those who start a desk job report a gain in weight, and it hits both genders and all ages equally hard.

But don't hand in your notice quite yet. Just because you have your dream desk job it doesn't mean you have to settle for a nightmare figure, so consider these 5 healthy habits to stay trim, healthy and active at work:

1. Drink water

 It sounds simple, but it really works. If you're reading this at a desk and you're not taking a sip of water, you're much more likely to be hungry. Drinking water is not only great for you, it will make your cravings for those chocolate bars and cans of soft drink much less overwhelming. So get those snacks out of your sight and replace them with a bottle of crisp water.

2. Get up

Another really simple habit that will be kind to your waistline is to promise yourself that you will see the sunshine during your work day. So commit to the stairs rather than the lift, and a daily outdoor stroll rather than YouTube during a break, with the added benefit of grabbing some healthy rays and vitamin D.

3. Use the structure


One benefit of your desk job is that you probably have some sort of daily routine. So, make sure you use that structure to plan your eating. You use your diary for those meetings, so use it for your snack and lunch breaks as well which will ensure you are eating at the right times.

4. Pack your snacks

 Another easy habit to fall into is to buy your lunch every day - and you might be tempted to combine that healthy lunchtime stroll with an unhealthy fast food burger. Planning ahead and packing your own food means you can really think about what's best for your body while allowing you to get creative with bowls of soup, lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains.

5. Get pro help!

The ultimate in healthy working is to get the whole team on board, so consider pairing up with a buddy or recommending your plan to others. If you have a board meeting, training day or work function coming up, consider using a catering service like Wholesome Works, whose fresh and versatile options for all dietary requirements means healthy can also be easy and delicious at work.



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