5 Creative Ways To Have Fun With Office Party Catering

Written By
Justin Bunt

After another long, hard and productive year at work, that exciting time of year is coming round again - the all-important office party.

Love them or hate them, one thing is for sure: it has to be planned well. Some will remember the fun atmosphere, others the flowing booze, but one thing that is guaranteed to always stand out - for good or for bad - is the catering.

So as you look to organise a truly memorable office party this year, here are some new, great and creative catering ideas that will ensure everyone at least remembers the awesome food.

1. Consider brunch

Normally held either at lunch or after work, here's a novel idea - brunch. This novel and trendy meal time opens up exciting new opportunities for an interesting and unusual office party menu, like fancy omelettes, crepes, and fruity juice-based mimosas.

2. Served by the chef

Another cool and creative catering trend is the roaming chef. Rather than having waiters or waitresses roaming the room handing out those appetisers and hors d'oeurvres, have the chefs actually right there in the room, preparing the food for everyone to see at several cooking stations. It's a great talking point, it adds a new dynamic to the atmosphere, and it's just plain fun.

3. A big tasting menu

Never let anyone get bored by putting together a huge menu that is manageable because it's made up of many simple and small 'tasters'. It's another way to create a great talking point at your office party, with a memorably endless number of tasters to discuss as hard-working employees and management push out the boundaries of their existing palates.

4. Cater for everyone

Here's something you may not have considered: it's more than likely that some people in your organisation have special dietary requirements, like needing dairy or gluten-free food or because they're vegetarian or vegan. So for once, make them not just the exception but the rule as you organise your office party with delicious food that absolutely everyone - everyone! - can eat. And with a bit of luck, eating healthy, fresh and inclusive food may also open some minds in terms of what counts in the 'delicious' column. Wholesome Works is all about delivering fully inclusive food for everyone's dietary requirements and specialises in office functions too.

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