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Living The Healthy Life Book Review

Living The Healthy Life Book Review

Here at Wholesome Works we are always looking for inspiration and new angles on healthy eating. Jess Sepel has provided plenty of all of this in her new book "Living the Healthy Life". It's beautifully presented with wonderful photography but for me the highlights are the more than 200 healthy recipes that are super practical and taste amazing too. Jess is Sydney raised so she understands the food that is available locally which is refreshing and adds relevance to her advice and meal plans. Jess is highly respected healthy food and lifestyle blogger and is also a clinical nutritionist - i...

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Is Your Company Wellness Plan Unwell? Nutrition Wellness Programme

Is Your Company Wellness Plan Unwell?

Corporate Wellness Plans....many of us have been part of the development of these. Research suggests that 47% of Aus...

Catering for a Vegan Nutrition Vegan Whole Minute of Wholesome

Catering for a Vegan

In Episode 2 of Whole Minute of Wholesome Video - Tracy our Wholesome Guru provides some helpful tips on how arrangin...

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